How can this NOT be personal?

For me, one of the joys of being in the marine industry is the ability to do something that I truly love. My work is more than my profession, it’s what I love to do. I’m on the water to work and to play. It truly is my passion. I guess I could be accused of being myopic in terms of these activities, but I don’t see it that way.

Personally, beyond my passion for all things nautical, I have developed many long-term friendships with people who also share this passion. Which makes writing this installment of From the Bilge so personal, as I know many of you who will read this are more than clients; you are friends.

The daily interactions that I have in the boatyard are incredibly varied, which I enjoy. Rarely is the prior day a repeat of the next. For some people, change is difficult to navigate; for me, life is all about change. It can also be… sink or start bailing. For all of us now, we’re truly in that same boat and it’s time to start bailing. For better or worse, we are all trying our very best to navigate the changes in our new world. I also know we’ll get through this. But, let’s use this time to learn, about ourselves and others.

Our world has some serious deferred maintenance and repair needs. Thankfully we also live where some of the planet’s brightest people work and play. I am not only confident we’re going to make the necessary repairs, but also I believe our need to understand and address our long-term planetary goals has hopefully become all that much clearer to us.

The first step I see is to continue what we do…but do so differently. We live around the most spectacular Bay and are blessed to have access to it. Let’s celebrate this in new ways. For example, when it is again appropriate, invite someone out for a sail who’s never or infrequently been on the Bay. If the weather doesn’t look all that favorable, have dinner aboard and have another couple join you. God willing, very soon, “social distancing” will not be required. Once again, we will be able to spend time aboard a boat with our friends and family. We’ll be able to make those important relationships far less distant and much more social, which is what life on the water is all about.

While I know we are going to get through this challenging time we live in, I would like to acknowledge and thank all of you so very much for your support. When it comes to business, some people will say it’s not personal; for me, I must confess…it is. The team I have the pleasure to work with are the best in the business and I care deeply about them. We have team members that have been with KKMI since day one, 24 years ago. The outpouring of support for KKMI is something I do not take for granted. Again, thank you very much!

As the weather improves and spring is upon us, having your vessel safe and fully operational is essential before and while spending time on the water. It could also be said, this season will become the most important year of your boat ownership. To make the most of it, KKMI is here to assist you and standing by ready to welcome your call. Please click here to review our updated Safety Protocols.

I also thought I’d share the following letter we received, as it truly does express the relationships that we’ve fostered at KKMI with our clients, who are also our friends (printed with their permission).

Dear Boating Family/Friends at KKMI,
You are special to us, more so than you know. You have taken good care of our boats over the years, and in doing so, you have taken good care of us. We are grateful to know you are there. We have gotten to know some of you well enough to consider you real friends. We will pray for your success and safety as you do your part during this challenging time.
Your Customer – Jack & Brenda Payne “SHOW BIZ”

So, with this somber and yet hopeful note, I look forward to the day we’ll all be sailing with the breeze behind us and a clear course ahead.

I hope to see you on the waterfront, at a safe distance of course.

Paul Kaplan & the KKMI Family

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